Points Table Instructions!

See how your team wins points in this chart.

No changes will be made once the points are given, and the winners are announced.

A fantasy cricket website.

Each team has 1 to 4 wicket-keepers, 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, and 1 all-rounder.

Fantasy sports points will be awarded to this player as described below 11Unbeatable. As Fantasy Cricket employs the same point system for all cricket formats - T20, ODI, Test - users can earn huge amounts of money.



  • A Super Over earns no points.
  • Data comes from credible sources and will not be adjusted until the match is completed (winners announced). While a game is still in progress or under review points given in-game are subject to change.
  • Both teams can field more than 11 players in Other OD/Other T20/Other Test matches.
  • In Test matches, a low Strike Rate earns no points.
  • A hundred maidens will not be awarded any points for strike rate.