Team selection Rules

Playing 11Unbeatable is like riding a thrill ride. The game will have its highs and lows. The fact that your rewards are based on player success is more exciting.

For example, if you are able to increase your teammate's performance, it will benefit your chances of winning. If a player does poorly, his/her personal rewards are limited.

The game is simple, and all you need is a basic knowledge of cricket and the players. The guidelines are easy and set down below.


To download and install the app on your smartphone, go to our website, click the download link, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration process using Facebook or email.

Choose a match

Pick a game from any upcoming event. Every year, domestic and international ODI, Test, and T20 events are held. You can play many games at the same time.

Form your team

Now, it's time to place your skills to the test. Create a squad of 11 cricketers using the 100-point credit offered. Your team needs a captain and a vice-captain.

Cash Withdrawal

Log into your account at 11Unbeatable and request a direct deposit into your bank account to cash out your winnings.

Calculate the points

It is entirely dependent on the players' performance on that day. For a better understanding of how points are calculated, consult the Points Table.

After the Game

In the app's results section, you can see your portfolio's final earnings. Please note that profit/loss can never exceed the player's base price share (s). If it rains, you'll get a refund, but only for "limited-over" matches.

Rules of cricket:

Basic Rules Of Cricket:

  1. The fielding team tries to get the batsmen out by bowling the ball into the wickets, catching a batsman's whole and Front-leg hitting the batsman (LBW).
  2. Games last at least one inning, with each team that takes turns batting and fielding/bowling.
  3. A bowler from the fielding team will bowl the ball to the batsman, who will aim to hit the ball with their bat.
  4. Get reaching the other end before the fielders can smash the wickets with the ball. A run is one whole length of the pitch.
  5. Score as many runs as you can before the fielding team takes ten wickets. The most runs win.